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"OMG!! I saved OVER $90 just on my free trial report!! This was one EXCITED lady!!! Thank you Bargain Hunting Mom!!!" Destiny

"The first time i used the report I saved almost $200 at one time!!!! So it's for sure it more than pays for it self!!!" Ashley

"I admit, I was skeptical. My daughter-in-law told me about this site and I should have listened because she works at Walmart. She was using her smart phone to look up the prices so I thought it was just some fancy new app. LOL So the next time I saw her I asked what that “app” was that she was using… Well to make a long story short, She set me straight, I pulled up the site here and I clicked on for the free trial. It wasn’t my regular shopping day but I figured I could compare prices and see what I’d be saving. HOLY COW!!! I couldn’t wait for my monthly check to come in so I could actually use the price report. So here it is, I logged back in yesterday, paid my fee (because of my limited income I’ll be paying the one day fee each month) printed out the report, grabbed my clip board and started saving money on almost everything I bought. Naturally I get some new cashier (just my luck) and he wasn’t happy with me by the end of my checkout but TOUGH BOO BOOS! I haven’t totaled it all up yet but I KNOW I saved AT LEAST $50.00 on just the meats alone. “Country Pork Ribs for .88 cents!!!” I almost felt guilty. LMAO!! I can’t say THANK YOU enough!" Brenda


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