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By now some of you may have heard about Walmart's beta program they have. (Beta means its in testing.)  It's called Savings Catcher.  I held off doing a post on it until I knew all the details and how this would effect us price matchers. The good new is, its not going to! Here is the page on their site about it. You can't really find it unless you know its there.

Here it is in a nutshell.  Walmart is going to compare local prices and credit you back when they find a cheaper price than you paid.  Basically its their own online price match program.

You just enter the TC# on the bottom of your receipt.  They will compare the prices and send you an email letting you know of any savings they found.  They will credit the savings to a Walmart E-Card that you can then use in the store.   Here's a screen shot of a test receipt I sent. They found $0.70 in savings.  I had already price matched most of what was on the receipt.

savings catcher

So here is the Pros and Cons as I see them.
1. This will be awesome for anyone that doesn't have the time to price match or coupon and that will take what savings they can get.  You don't have to do anything but enter the receipt number and then they do all the comparison work.  You can use the savings they find as a Christmas savings account or something like that.  The credit can be used on line or in the store (as I understand it.)   I don't have a big enough savings balance to try to use it yet.
2. Even if you used a coupon on an item it will still work. They will compare what the price was before the coupon.

1.  You will not save money on the spot, i.e. you will have to wait for them to process your receipt and issue you credit.  Right now that time is just a few days.
2.  They are only comparing a select list of stores.   Here is the list for Dallas, TX– Albertsons, Aldi, Brookshires, Dollar General, Dollar Tree, Family Dollar, HEB, Kroger, Target and Tom Thumb.   No word yet on any mileage they are using for comparisons.  They only compared the stores right in our town, on this receipt.  Course I had already price matched most of the items on it so there wasn't much to catch.  I have a receipt that I didn't price match anything on submitted right now so we will see how they do on it.  A huge chunk of my savings come from the small regional stores like Davids, Diamonds, & Marketplace, etc. that they won't be comparing.
3.  They will not do meat or produce.  Those are two of the areas that I save the most!
4.  The money you save can only be spent at Walmart.

I have already had subscribers tell me that they heard they won't be able to match at the register anymore and that you will have to start showing the actual ad again.  Nothing with Walmarts current price match policy is changing!

So give it a try and see how you do.  I know there are several subscribers that are doing it to catch anything that we may have missed on the report.  Share with us how it goes!  This program is in BETA, i.e. it may stay and it may not. Might as well use it while you can!

7 thoughts on “Walmart Saving Catcher

  1. NB

    It took several days for them to “check” to see if there were better deals and by the time they had “checked” they came back and told me that the receipt was invalid but by then it was over a week and I was unable to check to see what the problem might have been. The receipt number was correct but I don’t know what else the problem might have been. Seems like a whole lot of trouble for whatever advantage it might have.

  2. Marilyn

    Several invalid receipts .
    I typed in the code & date several times plus scanned them , still INVALID, I even took a pic of items to send , but Walmart never asked. Don’t know if it’s worth it. Saving all those receipts & having to scan or type in code. I called several times & each time I’m told they’re having issues. They shouldn’t have launched savings catcher til the kinks were worked out.

    1. Marilyn

      I have to type or scan the same receipts over & over still INVALID. Frustrating to say the least. Why can’t my email address & password be saved. I have to type them in after checking the same receipts the fourth time. How can I save my password & email address one time!!!!

      1. Dylan Hearn

        Through the app, it wont remember username or password. Try going through your phone’s browser and see if it asks to remember username and password. My Android does, but my iPhone never did.

    1. Rena Post author

      On the login form there is a “forget password” link you can use to reset it, or he can email me what he wants it changed to and I can change it for him. Passwords are encrypted so I cant see them. Thanks!

  3. Rebecca

    I signed up for Savings Catcher last year, and it worked great for the first few months. I “earned” about $35 in savings in 6 months or so and used that for some Christmas shopping. But ever since actually cashing it over to Bluebird and applying that savings, Walmart has been rejecting my new receipts as invalid. They aren’t. The system just won’t process them any longer. I think it’s a scam. Walmart is so big, it doesn’t matter. It takes several days for their system to tell you they consider the receipt invalid, and by that time, it’s too old to re-enter. Sounds like a perfectly timed plan.
    I buy only what I must at Walmart. Sadly, that’s still too much. Aldi is the only way to go for most food, but the non-food: most of it just has to come from Walmart, even if they promise and don’t deliver on programs like this one. I just wish they’d quit the whole program instead of defrauding us with promises they won’t follow through on.


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